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Adding a new carpet to a room can be an intimidating job. The carpets that occupy a large space in the room complement your space and style and it is a gamble to pick up any carpet that comes in front of you.

Whatever style you have, you'll be amazed at how much you can differentiate your carpet selection with some simple tips below.

Color is the most important feature used in creating space. Photo:

Color Matching

One of the key ways to select carpets is to match the colors you already have in the room. You can see in the photo above how this idea works in practice. The carpet is a good way to include other colors in the room.

You can also see how the use of a multicolored carpet works well in areas that use high doses of bright, artistic colors. If you have an area with a very special color dynamics, or if it's just colored in general, you can first of all focus on the color of the carpets you find.

Dark carpet is sometimes the right decision. Photo: PlusONE / Shutterstock

Using Rugs

Another idea is to go brave with just rugs. In the photo above, a very modern look is created with simple furniture and neutral coloring. Then you have this dark blue textured carpet. Blue adapts to any area and adds color to the environment.

You can use this idea for a variety of styles. For example, you can put a bright red carpet in the center of the room to create a contrast to a magnificent area dominated by rich wood textures. This idea allows you to be creative in an area.

Play with colors using complementary elements. Photo:

Using Remarkable Colors

It's always fun to play with the atmosphere of space using dominant colors. If you see a favorite carpet and it doesn't match the color scheme of your room at this time, you can add small items to blend in. For example, in the photo above, you can see that the yellow carpet matches the cushions and the clock. Blankets, pillows and a table are other alternatives that can be used. So you can fit almost any carpet in the color scheme of your room. This is the easiest way to do it with a neutral color scheme. However, it is of course also possible to work with multiple accent colors.

Natural colored carpets adapt to almost any area. Photo: mtlapcevic / Shutterstock

Creating a Concept from Natural Colors

The easiest way to put carpet in a new area is to go from natural colors. For example, the white carpet in the photo above fits almost anywhere. However, this in particular goes well with the gray and white color scheme of the area.

The photo above is a good example for experiencing some geometric details. The textured lines on the carpet are used to add visual interest to the area. As you can see in the photo above, using texture is perfect for attracting attention in simple, modern spaces.

Geometric patterned carpets are perfect for modern areas. Photo:

Focus on Geometric Patterns

Another idea for choosing rugs is to go through pure geometric patterns. The carpet above does just that. Any carpet that focuses on a geometric pattern creates visual interest in a room.

You can also see how a highly visual carpet like this fits into more modern industrial areas. These areas tend to derive their styles from texture and geometry, because they are generally minimalist. You can see this principle on the textured concrete wall above.

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